We fund big ideas that change our nation for the better.

Outpost Ventures is a deep technology investor that grows our nation’s most innovative dual-use tech companies.

Why invest in dual-use tech?

Technology innovation leadership has shifted from the public sector (generated inside the Government) to private commercial technology markets. Dual-use technology provides solutions for both of these markets.

Investing in dual-use tech companies means we are helping America maintain technological superiority, while capturing the incredible value made available by Government-matching incentive programs.

When does Outpost Ventures invest?

OV typically invests in early stage companies that:

  • are already proven with revenue in commercial markets
  • already have Government contract(s)
  • are eligible for Government matching

What is “Government matching”?

When a company becomes eligible for Government matching, it means that when it raises private capital (for example from Outpost Ventures), the Government will pay the company an amount equal to the amount raised.

How can I learn more?

If you are an accredited investor, please feel free to click the button at top left to schedule a call.