Unique Approach to Venture Capital

Outpost Ventures (OV) is a deep technology investor that grows our nation’s most innovative dual-use tech companies. OV invests in companies we’ve helped forge relationships with the US Government, and which are already proven with revenue in commercial markets. 

Government Contracts
Our exclusive accelerator helps companies win Government contracts, and connects them to a massive network of strategic partners and resources.

Deal Flow
We then have exclusive opportunities to invest in the best of these companies.

Government Matching

Government then matches our investment, but takes no equity.

Commercial Upside

Technology must already be proven in commercial markets, providing multiple paths to achieve growth.

Dave Harden (Managing Partner) was founding architect of AFWERX, the technology innovation arm of the US Air Force, and was Chief of Strategic Prioritization at the Pentagon, leading efforts to prioritize technology investment in the private sector.

Dave has managed billions of Government budget dollars, and AFWERX has backed more than 3,000 private companies. Dave is CEO and Founder of
The Outpost, a technology accelerator focused on helping companies win government contracts.

Ben Strub, CFA (CFO) has more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in Finance, Operations, and Enterprise Risk Management.

General Mike Holmes (Advisor) is a retired 4-star general and was former Deputy Chief of Staff for the Strategic Plans and Requirements department of the U.S. Air Force.

Alexandra Shah (Advisor) is a seasoned finance professional with a strong background in financial and disruptive technology-enabled businesses.

Jonathan Frank (Investor Development Representative), is experienced reviewing companies and converting outreach into meaningful conversations. He specializes in cyber security and technology.